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Hi Guys, in this video we will briefly explain how to use one of our most popular tools, the item locator.

To start using the item locator we will need to find an Amazon page displaying search results. So what does this mean? It means that with the locator you can only scan pages that are being displayed in a search results format.

So if we go to Amazon and search “Best selling toaster” you will see in the top left-hand corner of the screen that there are over 6,000 results. The locator scanner will be able search through all of these results

We recommend having between 1,000 and 10,000 search results on each URL we put into the Locator scanner

To start your scan you will need to copy the URL from the address bar and paste it into the locator argument field. After pasting the URL into the argument you will provide a name that will help you remember these search results For example the key words used for your search .-
So in our example it would be”best selling toaster” Next click SCAN NOW And the locator will start scanning the items. You will then see a new bar being displayed. The status will change from “Starting” to “in Progress” to “Finished”.his is how you start running your first scan with the locator. The next video will explain what you do with those scans and how you can convert them to popular listings.

Can you add another sentence saying the following:
“Please take into account the daily quotes you have available by checking the scans on the top right of the page, free trial users and all plans up to 1000 get 10,000 scans in 24h hours, plans from 1500 listing receive x10 the amount of scans quota a day

To start you need to click on the search bar where the scans appear and you will be directed to the results page

In the results page you will be able to start choosing items according to their selling popularity on eBay, for example we will choose super hot – very hot – hot and click on show results.

Now you will see the results of the items appearing on the page At this point, you will be able to start viewing info that will help you decide which items you would like to list and create additional filters

For example some of the results might appear as negative in the assumed profit and profit %. Those are assumed to be not competitive. So you may wish to see only items that are seemingly profitable. To do this go to the – profit filter and choose greater than and insert your minimum %. You will then want to click the “Show Results” button again. As you add more filters your search results list will decrease. This is how you can really start filtering your list down to items that you want to list.

Going one step further you can also click on an individual item and see that items selling history on eBay as well as the current market price and supplier item price. These additional details can help you decide whether to list the item or not. You can also click on the hyperlinks to view the items directly on Amazon and eBay

Finally, after you mark the items you are interested in selling you click on the export button which will lead you to the listing generator page and from there you can complete the listing of the items. You can see the locator will give you a lot of options to help you create a list of items that are just right for your eBay store.