Hi Guys, in this video we will describe how to add cashback websites to our Auto Order system.

But first, what is a cashback website?

A cashback website is a type of reward website that pays you a percentage of money earned when you purchase items from Amazon. Cashback percentage varies and are not always available. but when they are available, you get money back on what you buy and more importantly on what you sell when you drop ship!

So Let’s say you make a purchase in Amazon after setting up a link to BeFrugal. You’d get a percentage of your order back. If you buy a $200 item at 10% cash back, you’d get $20 back.

How do you add your cashback website to Salefreaks?

First, there are many cashback website,for example:

Find the cashback websites we support under settings. We will show you this in a few minutes.

You must have an account with the individual cash back site to use them for cashback. so first register with one of them, if you don’t already have an account with them.

Next, Go to Salefreaks Global settings – Scroll down and locate the cashback section.

Check enable, then click edit, choose the cashback site you would like to add.
now add your username and password from the cashback site.
Finally, add the amount of transaction or the total value of items you want our system to purchase from your cashback account and fulfill orders.
It is important to say that when cashback websites recognize over around 20 transactions daily on a single account they might restrict your account because it is being used for commercial purposes, which they are not interested in.
Therefore if you have over 20 transactions a day you can open more accounts and add all of them to the software. Salefreaks is able to host an unlimited amount of accounts. you can load balance them to attempt to earn cashback on all your amazon purchases.
When you have completed entering all the information, click add account. if you wish to add another cashback account you simply add its information and click add account at the end. you will see them being added to the list

So finally, how does the cashback work with auto order?

Once you add your account, our system will first login to your cashback account using your username and password and from there it will go into amazon to purchase the item you just sold. once our auto order completes the checkout process, the item will be on the way to your buyer and you will receive cashback if available on your cashback account.

If you have multiple cashback accounts our system will attempt to fulfill an order from the next account in line to load balance your orders.

We hope you enjoyed this video and happy earnings to you all.

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